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Fresh. Floral. Easy-Going.

Enjoy the lightness of summer
When the clouds turn purple again and the adventure of a new day begins – then one thing is clear: Summer's set to be unique! Like a spontaneous road trip with friends, there's no goal and no sense of time. The new 4711 Remix Cologne "Van Life" captures precisely this desire for a carefree approach to life. With a gentle hint of lavender, the fragrance celebrates true summer relaxation – available from April 2019!

The Fragrance

The Story

The House of 4711 is launching a modern homage to its classic Original Eau de Cologne every year. Each of the seven main ingredients is being "remixed" in a limited edition. 2019 is the year of lavender!

> Edition Orange (2018)

Orange (2018)

Luminous sunshine and pure energy! The fragrance of orange blows away any worries. As an aromatic citrus fruit, orange is refreshing thanks to its natural tanginess – warm, sweet and fruity. Wave goodbye to everyday stress!


Tangy, Sour, Pure freshness! The lemon promises vitality and fresh energy, while being incredibly light and charged with a delicate fruitiness.


Fruity, Tart, A real energy boost! Close your eyes and be spirited away to the Mediterranean landscapes of Calabria. Bergamot perfumes not only many fragrance compositions but also the popular Earl Grey black tea blend. Very nice indeed!

Lavender (2019)

Calming, pure, relaxation par excellence! The fragrance of lavender envelops the wearer like a lilac-coloured cloud. The beauty of this fragrance evokes the expansive lavender fields of Provence.


Herbal, aromatic, full of vitality! Rosemary is an essential ingredient of Mediterranean cuisine. Yet it not only tastes great, but also smells wonderful.


Floral, sweet and vitalizing! The essence of the leaves of the bitter orange tree, also known as the Seville orange. For an unforgettably intense fragrance experience.


Slightly tart, vitalizing, mood-enhancing. The fragrance of the leaves, branches and unripe green fruit of the bitter orange tree. The tiny, oil-containing veins in the leaves are reminiscent of small grains, called “petit grain” in French.

The Fragrance

Lavender in a whole new mix: Gentle bergamot and sparkling lemon create a vivid opening note. Complemented by the soft touch of Mate tea, the 4711 Remix Cologne shows freshness and softness right from the start. Lavender combines with the purity of freesia and iris as the fragrance unfolds, and is then given a special touch by the spicy nuances of hibiscus seeds. Sandalwood, musk and a modern hint of praline make the fragrance something truly extraordinary and leave a lasting, irresistible impression.

The Products

The Range

Limited Edition
The Eau de Cologne Natural Spray in two sizes (100 ml and 150 ml) and the re-issue of the Remix Cologne Orange (100 ml) are available in retail from April.

The Products

The Design

Hand-lettering as a design trend
The iconic Molanus bottle and the integration of gold graphic elements are a nod to the classic 4711 Original Eau de Cologne. At the same time, the hand-lettering style illustrates the lightness and modernity of the 4711 Remix Cologne – an olfactory fragrance explosion in a hypnotic, luminous violet hue.

The Campaign

Soft & refreshing – surprisingly different
Summer, sunshine, Cape Town! Our photo shoot once again took place in Cape Town – the perfect setting for summer 2019 thanks to its bright sunshine and cheerful colours!

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