im Überblick

The Fragrance

The interplay of blackcurrant, peony, and sandalwood creates a unique, harmoniously fruity fragrance composition for women and men. The fruit of the evodia plant has been prized for its calming effect in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries.

The product   Alexandra Kalle >

Alexandra Kalle

A perfumer with a particularly refined sense of smell who, after changing careers, is now working in her dream job. With NOUVEAU COLOGNE, she has set a new benchmark in fragrances for 4711 – it is a “feel-good fragrance” which revitalises and inspires the senses.

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Clear. Fresh. Pure.

The famous shape of the Molanus bottle and the luminosity of the 4711 Bremen blue are combined with puristic white and a sophisticated platinum colour in renowned designer Peter Schmidt’s re-interpretation of the 4711 tradition.

Peter Schmidt >

Peter Schmidt

A versatile, renowned designer who has provided a fresh artistic touch to the packaging design and the design of perfume bottles in particular. By providing a surprising new interpretation of the traditional 4711 image for NOUVEAU COLOGNE, he has given the fragrance range its own wholly unique style.

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