Flowers say more than a thousand words. The 4711 Original Eau de Cologne Floral Collection is like an exquisite bouquet of flowers – a homage to earlier floral fragrance compositions from 4711. Three noble fragrances in a colourful design inspired by the classic Original Eau de Cologne.

4711 Floral Collection Rose

No other flower represents love and romance like the rose: Its lovely, gentle fragrance underlines the femininity of a woman and has long been the symbol of lovers.

4711 Floral Collection Jasmine

The rich floral fragrance of white jasmine portrays a very sensual femininity. The sweet and intensive aroma of this floral essence is said to have a seductive effect.

4711 Floral Collection Lilac

The lilac is an enchanting harbinger of spring and evokes pleasing memories of a garden in full bloom. Velvety and soft, this flower essence exudes a special kind of magic.