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Intensive fragrance experiences.

Discover extraordinary fragrance worlds captured in an innovative new collection. The four long-lasting Eau de Cologne spirit you away to unique places in nature.

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Nature repeatedly performs minor miracles which enchant us and arouse strong emotions. We watch colourful wild flowers waving in the wind, feel the warm sand under our feet for the first time in the year, immerse ourselves in the spicy scent of the forest in the early morning or breathe the crystalline freshness and expanse of the mountains.

With their contrasting cologne creations, the fragrances of Acqua Colonia give us the gift of special feel-good moments. Inspired by unique locations and the beauty of nature, the new Acqua Colonia Intense fragrance line captures these special moments in four expressive fragrance compositions.

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Floral. Feminine. Romantic.

This fragrance conjures up images of Ireland's colourful meadow landscapes. Wild flowers, which sway along the hilly landscapes in the breeze, exude a floral feeling of closeness to nature.


„Intense and colourful like Ireland's wild flowers.“

Nelly Hachem-Ruiz (Perfumer)

The Black Wood Mimosa that grows in Ireland gives the heart of this fragrance its unique floral character and an intense, joyful signature.

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Vibrant. Fresh. Mineral.

An homage to the most spectacular mountain range in the world – the Himalayas, a paradise for nature lovers and explorers, which overwhelm us with a fragrance world of unique vision and crystal clear air.


„A journey to the Himalayan peaks: crystal clear air and undiluted freedom.“

Fanny Bal (Perfumer)

Living Mountain Air, a fragrance derived from an innovative procedure, lends the composition an expression of unique freshness through its cool, ozone-like notes.

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Summery. Exotic. Sensual.

This fragrance awakens the yearning for the white sandy beaches, the turquoise sea and the year-round sunshine of Zanzibar – an intense sense of remembrance of summer, beguiling, appealing, unforgettable.


„Like a walk along the beach under the Zanzibar sun – that's the scent of paradise.“

Daphné Bugey (Perfumer)

The Vanilla Planifolia, grown in tropical climates such as Zanzibar, gives the fragrance a sensual foundation and exudes a feeling of bliss.

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Aromatic. Woody. Sophisticated.

This unique fragrance is reminiscent of impressive conifers, moss-covered rocks and picturesque lakes in Scandinavian forests. Pristine nature awakens, delicate morning dew and the warming rays of the sun breathe life into all they touch.


„Majestic and mysterious, like the scent of the Scandinavian pine forests in the morning.“

Geza Schön (Perfumer)

Fir Absolute, obtained from liquid pine extracts, gives this fragrance a unique character through its aromatic balsamic and slightly fruity notes.

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Discover Acqua Colonia Intense, a collection of intense and long-lasting cologne creations. Each fragrance captures a moment of emotion. All fragrances available in a high-quality 170 ml flacon and the practical 50 ml travel size for on the go.


– as versatile as the fragrance worlds.

4711 Acqua Colonia Intense stands out with its elegant, imaginative design: The light colouring of the flacons shows the individual glass facets to even greater advantage, and they really sparkle in the sunlight. The extremely detailed illustrations turn the folding boxes into a very special feature: They also give visual perception to the inspirational worlds and unique natural experiences that our fragrances evoke.


Exceptional fragrance worlds.

The various campaign motifs each capture the beauty of nature in their very own unique way. Scented worlds of images marked by a sense of longing.